Australian immigration


Form 1300t is the commandatory Application Form to fill when applying for the Australian Citizenship.
Once you have filled out the Citizenship Form and you have attached all of the relevant documents, your application will be reviewed by the Australian Authority; and once it’s determined to be valid, you’ll be invited to a Citizenship interview and test. When your Citizenship is granted, you’ll be scheduled to take part in the Australia Day ceremony in your city and make the Australian Citizenship Pledge acceptting the rights and responsabilities as an Australian, the last step in the process of becoming an Australian Citizenship that you started when filling the 1300t Form.

Eligibility requirements for Australian Citizenship

Before you fill the 1300t Form it’s important to determine if you are eligible for Australian Citizenship and to ensure you meet the residence requirements. Every newcomer must obtain a temporary visa as the first step to stay, work or study in Australia. In sequence, you can apply for a permanent visa and then, after some time, apply for Australian Citizenship: first of all, the Australian Citizenship rules require that you live in Australia for four years continuously and to be a permanent resident of Australia for one year (you will be obligated to provide relevant supporting documents related to your claims when submitting the 1300t Form).

  • you are beteween 18 and 59 years of age,
  • you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language,
  • you must agree to adhere to Australian values and
  • you have to state your intention to reside henceforth in Australia.

Benefits of Australian Citizenship

Once you acquire the Australian Citizenship, you are entitled to all the governmental benefits like (among others):

  • The right to vote and to be elected;
  • Australian passport (helps you to stay indefinitely in Australia as well as to re-enter the country whenever you want);
  • Medicare (the publicly funded universal health care scheme in Australia);
  • Financial assistance for education (from early-childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary public institutions);
  • Unemployment benefit (eligible to unemployed people and actively seeking for work);
  • Illness or disability support (a pension provided if you have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that prevents you from working);
  • Familly tax benefit (a per-child payment made to the people for a child);
  • Superannuation (to accrue funds to replace your income in retirement);
  • Special benefit (that helps you when you are unable to earn enough income to support yourself and your dependents);
  • Consular support while overseas (in case of accidents or injuries or lost of passport while travelling overseas, you will be able to receive urgent consular assistance in any country).

Australia is a charming country. Most people who come here to work, study or travel for a while want to settle down and change this touristic place into their new home. There is a trial route in which you can become an Australian Citizen and create Australia a permanent home and Form 1300t is the key point in this marvellous journey: don’t hesitate and apply for Australian Citizenship online now!

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