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AXESIS GESTION EMPRESARIAL, S. L. ( “we”, “us”, “our”, “company”, “web”, “web platform”, “software”, “services”, “site”) via our website provides: (i) generic information regarding Australian immigration services; (ii) a digitalized automated software, which allows for filling out specific Australian Immigration forms. This software is a carefully built step-by-step guide, created to facilitate the filing of immigration forms with no errors committed while filling in.

Further on, we will refer to the end user as: “user”, “client”, “you”, “end user”, “end customer”.

Note: We do not provide legal services nor advice regarding which form to choose and whether or not the selection made by the user fits his/hers particular case. The entity of this information depends completely and fully on the user.

The entity, work and services of this web are all managed by the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) stated herein. The Terms may be amended or changed at any time in the foreseeable future. You, as the user of this web, agree to take the full responsibility of informing yourself regularly of the possible changes to our contents, as our Terms bind you to understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions set for this web, when using or informing yourself of our offered services. If you do not agree with any of the points herein, please restrain from using our services.

Terms acceptance

AXESIS GESTION EMPRESARIAL, S. L. is a non-government company, privately owned, with no attorney or any other form of lawful status. The company does not/will not provide any legal advice, and nor will its employees. We do not regard ourselves as immigration consultants, nor do we consider the provided services as legal consultations. Furthermore, the company will not provide any representation or warranty regarding the offered services on this web. Any consequences, which result from your use of our services will be fully regarded as actions, under the user’s responsibility and awareness of the stated herein terms of use.

Consequently, this company will not be creating any attorney-client legal relationship, nor may the user expect us to do so. In the case of any occuring legal matters, the individual user(s) will be representing himself. In the case that professional legal assistance is needed, we strongly recommend to look for an attorney at law. The use of our services is your own decision and it is done at your own risk.

Accessing, using, reading and navigating this web in any way means that you agree to follow and be bound by the Terms and Conditions set herein. Furthermore, by using our services you agree comply with the navigation tips and guidelines we provide, as well as any applicable laws, regarding Australian Immigration. Please note that the company preserves the right to change those conditions, if seen necessary. In the cases that: you are dissatisfied with the use of this website; you do not agree with the set Terms and Conditions; you do not agree with the applicable laws or you do not comply with them; you have become dissatisfied with this web – in any of cases mentioned, you should immediately terminate the use of our services.

The Terms and Conditions set herein bind you to follow the specified rules during your usage of the company’s services. However, if you decide to terminate this usage, the terms will further bind you, whenever it comes to services or contents, provided by this web.

By using this web you confirm that you understand and agree with the set terms of use. The company preserves the right to amend and change these same terms and it will be your responsibility to read and understand the changes made. Any use of this web by our customers will be considered a confirmation of this agreement. Furthermore, you agree to let us manipulate the personal information provided by you, in order to complete the offered services of this web and, in needed, to communicate any newly made changes or offered services.

The contents of this web are based on the official information, provided by the Government of Australia. Our work aims to always inform you of the latest requirements and regulations. However, we cannot guarantee in any way the publication of recent lawful changes nor its rapid communication to the end user.


Accessing our services

We grant you a nonexclusive, revocable, limited and non-transferable permission to access and use this web for personal use only. You shall not modify, replicate nor download any of the written or visual contents, provided on any of this web’s pages. Furthermore, posting, publishing, transmitting or distributing contents of this web is strictly forbidden and shall not be done without the exclusive written permission of the company. Any type of violation of those terms shall result in the immediate termination of our services, without any formal or informal notification to the end user, who has misused our services. No users of this web are allowed to attempt nor to access any personal data of other users, profiles, nor our databases, systems, programs or software, all of which are restricted to internal and limited use only. Such actions will be regarded with all seriousness and may constitute the infringement of the web’s copyright/trademark. You, as the end user, are not granted any trademark rights nor license in relation to the company’s publicly provided services.

Any visual elements such as: headers, company’s graphics, images, videos, logos; any audio elements such as sounds and videos; any written elements such as: all the contents, within and regarding this web are protected by the Copyright act of 1968 (Cth) and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part.

The prices provided for this web reflect the fees, which are to be paid to the company as a form of repayment for the use of our services. Additional fees may be requested by the Australian Government in the form of government fees, depending on the individual case and the selected service. Those fees are not included in the service price of this company. You may be required to pay those fees separately and directly to the government at the time of your application.

Online Register and Filing

The public content is free to access on this site’s web pages. However, if you have chosen to purchase the services offered, you will need to create an account, protected by a password and accessed by your current active email address. The information you will provide us with, during your registration process, must be complete and accurate. In the case you have given wrongful information, a termination of your business relationship with this company will take place immediately. This is due to the high-standards set for this web and the obligatory requirements of providing truthful information. False or inaccurate data will be discarded by the Australian Government when detected. You are prohibited from using aliases, false names or those of other people, false/fake/offensive/vulgar email accounts in order to authorize your registration. In the case that we are able to detect any such activity, your account will be closed and the business-relationship will be immediately terminated, without any official notice. We strongly recommend to select a complicated combination of letters and numbers for your password, keep it safe and not share it with anyone.

Within our Privacy Policy section you can read in detail how we manage, store and protect all the personal data on this web.

When choosing to file an online application via our web platform, you understand that it will be filed electronically to the DIAC (the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and are taking full responsibility of making sure the information you have provided is correct and accurate, since the automated filing system cannot guarantee there are no misspelled words/name/address written.

By choosing to file your application online, you agree to the disclosure of your personal data to DIAC, or any other Australian Government related authority. What is more, you as the client agree that we, as the company, can request e-filing receipts/confirmation from the DIAC on your behalf (our client), if seen as necessary.

Service Limitations

By using our services and/or navigating this web platform, you understand and agree that we, as the company, may set certain limits to the use of our web and also reserve the right to make amendments and modifications of the offered services, including, but not limited to this web’s written, visual and audio contents, hours of availability, the required equipment for accessing and/or using this platform and the established price.

Furthermore, you understand and agree that the company cannot guarantee the approval of your application, nor can it protect you against time-related problems, such as late or incomplete filing. What is more, you understand and agree that the DIAC has the legal right to amend, change and post forms as well as change fee’s amount periodically. We recommend you always verify that the form you are about to file is still up to date and the filing fee is correct, due to the possible changes, mentioned above.

You agree that we cannot and will not be held responsible for the rejection of your application, due to any external factors beyond our control, such as your ineligibility for the particular benefit you have selected to apply for.

You agree that we cannot be held responsible for any changes made by DIAC, regarding eligibility criteria, restrictions or any new requirements.

You agree that any of the any of the service limitations mentioned in these Terms and Conditions cannot be used an argument for a refund.
Service Termination

You, as the user, understand and agree that the company preserves every right to terminate, delete or deactivate your account, without having to send any previous notification of this action. This will be done if the company believes you have breached our Terms and Conditions. What is more, you understand and agree that this company shall not be liable nor can it be held responsible for the consequences of closing/deactivating your account, nor will you continue to use this website after the deactivation of your account has been made effective.

Web Use Restrictions

You, as the user, give your consent that when using our web, you are prohibited of taking the following actions:

You are not to publish, transmit, copy, reproduce, post or distribute any of the written, visual or audio contents, provided on this web for free or limited use, without our previous written consent.
You are not to transmit, upload, write or use any software, which may threaten the security of this web platform such as: viruses,time or date bombs, defects etc.
You are not to use any any robots, spiders, data collecting programs or any other type of methods, which may lead to the reproduction or breakage of our online platform.
You are not to translate, sublicense, modify, adapt, reverse engineer, duplicate, disassemble any part of this web platform. You are prohibited of any source code, algorithm or ideas copying/imitating/reproducing.
You are not to take advantage of the name and/or brand of, without our previous written consent.
You are not to spam or flood any part of our system.
You are not to remove/delete/alter any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights, directly linked to this web/property of this web.
You are not to use the services/information/content of this web for unlawful activities.
You are not to attempt/make any resale or otherwise commercial use of this web platform.

Privacy Policy Information

You agree that the Privacy Policy of this company, herein incorporated by this redirection, is an official part of this web’s Terms and Conditions.

Warranty Disclaimer

You understand and agree that the company is safely handling any personal data provided in order to fill in the selected Australian Immigration form and shall keep the provided information for a 3-year period. Furthermore you understand that the company is not a law firm, nor does it claim to be one. We do not provide legal advice, nor do we have any legal representatives working for the company.

The entity of information, provided on this web is general information and it should be used as overall instructions only. If your personal case requires the attention of attorney, please consult one. The liability of the company is restricted to the fee, paid to the firm. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the provided services, please contact us via our Contact page.

You acknowledge to indemnify, defend and hold this company, its affiliates, successors, directors, agents, service providers, attorneys, employees and its suppliers, harmless from any possible claims or demands. This may include attorney “s” bills and court fees, made by any third parties, as a consequence of you, as the client, using the services of this company, your violations of the Terms and Conditions as well as breach of the warranties stated.

Release of Claims

You, as the client, understand and agree that no prosecutions or other type of lawful actions against this company will be taken by you. What is more you agree you will indemnify, protect ,defend and hold harmless this company and other affiliated parties from and against all claims, which this company may suffer as a consequence of a breach of the foregoing representation and warranty.

User Acknowledgements

You understand and agree that this company does not offer any lawful services, nor are we authorised to make such consultations. The services of this web include and are restricted to a self-help service, regarding a specific Australian Immigration form, selected by you and based on your personal decision. We are not authorised to give any legal advice, nor are we doing so via the contents of our web. All the written and visual material, available publicly and privately was created to serve as informative use only.

By browsing our web and using our services, you agree to the following:

You, as the client, understand that we, as the company, are not and cannot represent you in any legal affairs.
No attorney-client relationships nor privileges will be created between client and company.
By using our services you agree to the prices, required to be paid to this company, for the provided services.
The work of this company has not evaluated by the Australian Government, regarding its experience, knowledge or services.

Choice of Law

The relationship as well as the Terms and Conditions between this company and you, as the client, will be governed by the laws of the state of Barcelona, Spain.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your profile, filling in your application or printing it out, please contact us at and our technical team will try to help you with your issue. In the case that you wish us to modify information within your profile, you understand and agree that you are authorising a member of our team to have full access to your personal information, with the final aim of resolving a previously communicated problem.

Consent for Website Forms

According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we
inform you that the data you provide us will be incorporated into the treatment system owned by
AXESIS GESTION EMPRESARIAL, S. L. ( vat number B-66.658.279 ) and registered office located in G.Via Carles III 98, 10 planta – 08028 BARCELONA – SPAIN, with the purpose of sending you
commercial information about our products and services.
We will proceed to treat the data in a lawful, loyal, transparent, adequate, relevant, limited,
accurate and updated manner. Until you tell us otherwise, we understand that your data has not
been modified and you agree to notify us of any changes. In case it is necessary to
communicate your data to other recipients, you can find more information in the privacy policy
available on the website.
In accordance with the rights conferred by the current regulations you may exercise your rights
of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the
treatment of your personal data and revoke the consent given, directing your request to
You can also contact us for any clarification regarding this affair or in relation to the data
In case of non-acceptance your data will not be treated.